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Data Backup Services


An integral part of business continuity planning is the implementation of adequate data backup processes. We provide remote backup services that run automatically to back up your essential data on a scheduled basis. These backups are maintained away from your site, giving you added protection against theft, fire, flood, or even simple equipment failure.


When considering data backups, remember:

     -     If it is not automated, it will not get done

     -     If it requires tape changing, it will not always get done properly

     -     If the ability to restore is not tested regularly, you do not have reliable backups

     -     If the backup media is not stored offsite, you are not protected

     -     If tape media is not cleaned and maintained regularly, it will fail when you

                 need it most

     -     If backup logs are not checked daily, you are not protected


We can eliminate many of the issues with data backups by using remote backup services for essential data. This may not completely eliminate the need for a local backup system in all cases, but it provides a fully reliable offsite backup system to supplement your in-house system.







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