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Business Contingency Planning


Business Contingency Planning was once called "Disaster Recovery". Emphasis today is on creating a business environment that focuses as much as possible on loss prevention , but that can be recovered with minimal interruption to the business.


Business Continuity planning touches many facets of the business, not just the "computer" area. We endeavor to blend an IT strategy with a comprehensive corporate strategy, considering the costs and benefits of each part of the plan.


Business interruption takes many forms. We are all familiar with the worst-case scenario where an entire operation is destroyed by fire or flood. Most disasters are not of such magnitude, but even small disasters like theft of a critical computer system can have major impacts. We must consider all levels of business interruption, from damage done by a virus attack, failure of a critical hard drive, theft, up to and including complete loss of a facility.


Our plan follows a ten-step approach to business continuity planning, beginning with establishing objectives by executive management and ending with monitoring and maintaining the plan.


We have developed, tested, and maintained contingency plans for companies as small as a single location up to large scale multi-location mainframe systems with standby-hot-sites, and the objectives are always the same - prepare for and be able to minimize the impact of a business interruption, regardless of size, with emphasis on prevention rather than reaction.


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