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Email Services


We provide email services tailored to the specific needs of your business. It is important that your email addresses reflect the status of your business (yourname@yourbusiness.com). In addition, your email should be fast, reliable, and accessible from within your office or outside.


We support POP3 email hosted through our business alliance with Hostcentric. If you email needs are for a relatively few mailboxes, typically less than 100, this solution provides a very cost-effective and reliable email service.


For up to a few hundred mail accounts, we support server-based email based on Symantec's Mail-Gear mail server product. This product allows POP3 and Web-based email access from within or from outside your company's office, and allows the use of Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express to access your mailbox. It also has a built in filtering capability that is very effective in reducing unwanted spam email.


For larger systems, we support Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise email systems. These enterprise mail systems can service hundreds and thousands of mailboxes over a wide geographic area.



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