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Internet Access and Security


The Internet is a necessary and productive part of today's enterprise. It is essential to the performance of many businesses. However, it brings with it a whole new level of complexity. Such issues as Internet mail, security, firewalls, hacking, cannot be ignored.


You are faced with many decisions:

        - Who gets Internet access?

        - Do you need to monitor Internet access (sites visited, for example)?

        - How will you connect to the Internet? DSL? Cable? T1? Dialup?

        - What access speed do you need?

        - Do you need dynamic or static IP addressing?

        - Do you need a firewall? Which one?

        - What about internal IP Addressing? RFC1918 Considerations?


We can provide the expertise to get you connected and to protect your network from unwanted intrusions. We have implemented Internet connections and firewalls for businesses ranging from 5 users to over 5000 users, and we have the knowledge and experience to select the best solution for you.




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