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Bill Allen
George DuPre
Scott DuPre
Jack Ridgeway



William R. (Bill) Allen


Seasoned Business and Technical Manager with over 30 years progressive experience in Telecommunications and Information Technology.


Cross-industry experience including Health Care, Manufacturing and Distribution, Property Management, Financial Services, and Legal Services.


Experienced in all phases of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Networking.


Strong project management experience with multimillion dollar projects:

            -          Infrastructure Development for Office Moves and New Construction

            -          Data Center Design and Construction

            -          E-mail systems implementation (MS Exchange, GroupWise, Mail-Gear)

            -          Manufacturing and Distribution Systems

            -          LAN/WAN Design and implementation

            -          Data Center and Server Consolidations

            -          RFP/RFQ development and response analysis



            -           LAN and WAN design and support

§         Switched networks

§         Router implementation (Cisco, Nortel, etc.)

§         Frame relay / ATM networks

§         Point-to-point networks

§         IP/VPN Networks

-                       IP Network Design (RFC 1918 compliant)

-                       Email systems (Exchange, GroupWise, Mail-Gear) implementation and support

-                       Windows 2003/2000/NT/Small Business Server, Novell, Citrix Metaframe implementation and support

-                       Web site design and implementation

-                       Internet Access, security and firewall support

-           Voice Networks (Private and Public)

-                       Wireless LAN implementation (802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g)

-                       Data center design, construction, and implementation

-           Business Continuity Management

-                       Contract negotiation

-                       Call center implementation (customer service applications)

-                       Wireless implementation for manufacturing plant and warehouse/distribution operations


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George DuPre


Experienced senior executive with over 30 years in business analysis, system design, programming, implementation, and project management of Information Technology solutions for industries including: Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Financial, Transportation, Health Care, and Commercial/Residential Property Management.

Very strong Project Management skills and technical awareness of various hardware/software platforms from mainframe, mid-range, and client/server multi-tier environments.

DuPre Information Services:            (4/93 to Present)

Major property management company with 9,000 employees nationwide:

Designed, programmed, and implemented a CICS User Security personalize menu control application which allowed new user to CICS or modification to existing user be done in minutes versus days without having to update the CICS tables and “bounce” CICS.

Provided technical and business support (24/7) for 281 residential properties and 167 commercial properties in the USA involving 4 tier bi-directional control and synchronization updates from each property client PC application, Novell Server Database application, AS400 application, and then mainframe 4381 Corporate system for a two (2) year period.

Managed IT staff functions for Residential division for over 360 Co-op, Condo, and Rental properties housing over 86,000 tenants in New York and New Jersey.

Responsible for planning, conversion, and implementation of the Y2K projects converting client from IBM RS6000 AIX cell-based platform to a multi-tier client server “GUI” platform using Yardi Property Management application along with Novell, NT, Citrix Metaframe, and Oracle.

Blue Cross Blue Shield/North Carolina

Responded to RFP via American Computer Professionals for $1M claims clearinghouse project to support the 650 hospitals in North Carolina.   Project plan showed manpower requirements to be 15 people for 8 months, but as project manager the project was completed in 9 months with 7 people.   Application used IMS DB/DC, DB2, Cobol, Sterling Software GENTRAN EDI software and handled any data format sent by hospitals

Responded to RFP via American Computer Professionals for $1M claims clearinghouse project to support the 16,000 doctors/clinics in North Carolina.   As project manager the project was completed in 8 months with 8 people utilizing the knowledge and base programs from the hospital clearinghouse project.

Major equipment manufacturer:       (7/87 to 4/93)

The implementation of MAPICS ERP application software package at a hard-goods manufacturer in South Carolina resulted in 1) reduced inventory by 84% and 2) inventory accuracy improved from 25% to 99.8%.   Also, a vendor partnering program (top 50) to reduce cash requirements for purchased items was implemented based on input from vendors stating their inventory quantity available to company within a 48 hour time-frame.  All this resulted in increased inventory turns and improved cash flow.  Bill of material for end-item is 12 to 15 levels deep and over 3,000 component items with detail component history dating back to 1989 and detail sales history dating back to 1979.

Major transportation holding company:       (11/85 to 7/87)

Mr. DuPre was responsible for all purchasing and technical support for a Transportation Conglomerate consisting of seventeen (17) trucking companies using an IBM Mid-range solution.   IBM Salesperson won salesperson of the year for volume sales even though our company was perceived as only needing IBM typewriters.  Every project was done in “fast track” mode.

Conversion of Rand McNally’s mainframe routing and practical mileage applications using CICS and VSAM file structure to run on IBM Mid-range system in two (2) months for transportation industry.  Performance on IBM Mid-range system was more than twice as fast as IBM mainframe 4381 CICS applications.

Major textile manufacturer:  (11/80 to 11/85)

Mr. DuPre was responsible for four (4) consumer divisions’ information technology business requirements for a major Textile manufacturing company.  He managed the start-up of the first Information Center (end-user computing) in South Carolina and the server consolidation from fifteen (15) servers to six (6) servers.   Mr. DuPre averaged over $1 million in direct savings or productivity gains in implementing application systems per year.

Biggest “inherited” accomplishment was the CEO directed assignment to correct problems with implementation of new IBM 8100 distributed inventory management system in one of the consumer divisions, which had resulted in the company losing its triple A bond rating, an uncertified financial report for year, and loss of Wal-Mart, J C Penney, K-Mart, and Sears as customers since shipments stopped for over 1 week.   Corrective plan was outlined and after 4 days shipping commenced. The next step was to correct hardware and application system problems with the CEO mandate that a new physical inventory had to be completed within the first 30 days.  Within seven (7) months inventory accuracy improved to 99.9% by establishing daily balancing controls for quantity and cost including cost swings in allocating finished goods in FIFO but shipping in LIFO.



Major textile manufacturer in SC:                (11/79 to 11/80)

Designed, programmed, and implemented Customer Order processing application for a company with 45 North America distribution centers where company had to ship order within 24 hours or no freight was charged to customer.  This application included automatic pricing of customer order, inventory allocation to customer order based on distribution center search sequence parameters including order detail split(s), packing list printing at allocated distribution center(s), automated freight calculation for UPS, COD, and FedEx, and generating invoice(s) to customer.

Major textile manufacturer in Virginia:       (11/77 to 11/79)

Designed, programmed, and implemented IBM Database Management system (IMS/DB) replacement within a six (6) week time-frame for client in Virginia with savings of approximately $120,000 per year and only one (1) line of code change to application programs.  American Software used a modified version of this IMS/DB emulator as their application database engine for over seven (7) years before replacing it with a relational database.

Designed finished inventory to customer order allocation for Apparel Company with multiple plants and retail stores.  Mathematical formulas and assumptions specifications were over 100 pages.   Prototype model was built and tested with two-(2) year’s history without error.   Although not involved in programming effort, I received thank you from client stating that programming was done according to specifications and no problems had surfaced in customer order allocation.

Major carpet manufacturer in SC:                (08/74 to 11/77)

Order/Inventory allocation program was designed, programmed, and implemented for carpet, which resulted in $400,000 per year in savings.

Inventory transactional controls were balanced overnight to the tenth of an inch.  Physical inventory taking was eliminated and inventory accuracy was 99.7%.  On an annual basis the external auditing company sampled 500 rolls out of 20,000-roll inventory.

Major carpet manufacturer in SC:                (08/68 to 08/74)

Inventory transactional controls were balanced overnight to the tenth of an inch.   Operational Customer Service application system utilized inventory management processing rules and generated for Financial Accounting the necessary transactions to maintain and control beginning and ending balances, transactional quantity and cost for the Financial Inventory Accounting application.   Financial Inventory accounting application provided the sub-ledger detail to support the net change in inventory for the month by reprocessing all of the month’s transactions and comparing calculated ending balance to actual ending balance from operating system.




IBM Mainframes, IBM 3790, IBM 8100, IBM System/38, IBM AS400, IBM iSeries, IBM RS6000 Aix, and PC



COBOL, Assembler, RPG, VB



IMS/DB, IDMS, TOTAL, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server, VSAM, IBM iSeries databases, MS-Access





Windows 2000, Windows XP, MS Office Suite, MS Project


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Scott DuPre


Fourteen (14) years IBM mid-range S3X, AS400, iSeries using RPG, CLP, COBOL, VB.

Experienced in Hardware, operating system installation/upgrades, and application software installation/upgrades.

System Engineer Manager for technical staff of 6 people for IBM Business partner with approximately 60 clients from Louisiana to New Jersey using the MAPICS application software package.

Custom design and programming in Manufacturing and Distribution environments using barcode printers and scanners.

Certified in iSeries Sales for Lotus Notes, DB2, Websphere, Tivoli Storage, and StartNow (includes 7 knowledge levels (BI, e-Commerce, infrastructure, infrastructure management, wireless, content mgmt, and collaboration))

Website development and deployment for several companies.

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F. Jack Ridgeway

Experienced senior executive with over 30 years in the development, delivery, and management of Information Technology solutions.   Mr. Ridgeway served over 10 years as CIO and, thereafter, as consulting Managing Partner/Vice President and Senior Consultant to major companies engaged in product manufacturing and distribution.   He has extensive experience in the disciplines of Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing Planning, Scheduling and Plant Floor Control, Product Costing, Materials Management and Logistics/Distribution.   He also has in-depth experience with Financial Control Systems that support all levels of operating accounting and financial management control.

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