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Our Data Security division provides the data protection you need by providing automatic off-site data backups.


Our IBM Servers

eSeries - the IBM line of Intel-based servers running all Windows based operating systems

iSeries - IBM's proprietary line of advanced midrange servers offering superior performance and reliability along with lower Total Cost of Ownership






Through our partnership with IBM, we can offer your organization an integrated server perfect for

running your mission critical applications.  This inherent integration associated with the e-server

reduces the management of complex technology while providing faster deployment of your

enterprise application solution. 

Simply stated, the IBM integrated application e-server represents a complete line of industry

leading solutions that focus on the following points:


Multiple operating environments including JAVA, Domino, and Linux
Dynamic storage and resource management
Multiple and mixed workload management


Self-managing and self-healing systems with eLiza
99.98% availability due to integrated hardware and software


Non-disruptive growth in terms of users and data
Capacity upgrade on demand (activate additional hardware capacity as you need it)


Object based design is inherently secure and virus resistant
Digital signature and object signing protects application software and operating system from unauthorized changes


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