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Extol, Inc. is the premier provider of business to business  or business to consumer solutions for E-commerce.  The Extol Integrator enables companies to exchange transactions and documents between their application and those of their customers and vendors using legacy EDI formats or XML. For more information, send an email to extol@dupreinfo.com
The Extol Integrator is the premier software package for business integration and Electronic Commerce.  The integrator allows companies to exchange transactions and documents between their applications and their trading partners; whether your hardware platform is AS/400, NT, or Unix.  Extol Portal uses internet technology to offer more integrated trading partner connectivity and management at a lower cost than that of traditional value added networks (VANs).  Extol Secure provides safe, secure, and encrypted internet communications; supporting most popular security standards such as AS1, AS2, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and digital certificates.  With Web Commerce, your business-to-business electronic commerce system can be expanded to include non-EDI enabled trading partners.  With a browser and an internet connection, these non-EDI enabled clients will be able to exchange documents with your applications. 

With superior integration, communications, commerce management, and a multitude of end user access features, Extol has become a market leader in electronic commerce software by delivering solutions that are rapidly deployed, reliable, and easy to implement. 


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