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Our partnership with IBM allows our sales team to design, develop, and implement solutions using advanced technology from an industry leader in technology.  Our focus and experience is primarily in the eServer iSeries and xSeries product lines. For more information, send an email to ibm_eserver@dupreinfo.com

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Our partnership with KeyLink Systems, a Pioneer-Standard company, enriches and enhances our existing sales infrastructure to allow our sales team to focus more time and attention on the priorities and business needs of our clients.  KeyLink Systems is the fastest growing distributor of IBM iSeries servers, the first IBM distributor to be recognized as an e-distributor, and the largest RS/6000 distributor. For more information, send an email to keylink@dupreinfo.com

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Our relationship with BellSouth brings many unique opportunities to our clients.  In conjunction with BellSouth, our sales team can work with your organization to define and meet all your telecommunications needs.  Contact our sales team today to discuss topics such as an office phone system, telecommunications analysis and cost saving recommendations, co-location and web hosting services, and off site storage at a BellSouth data center. For more information, send an email to bellsouth@dupreinfo.com


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Extol, Inc. is the premier provider of business to business  or business to consumer solutions for E-commerce.  The Extol Integrator enables clients to exchange transactions and documents between their application and those of their customers and vendors using legacy EDI formats or XML. For more information, send an email to extol@dupreinfo.com


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Hostcentric, one of the largest privately held managed services providers in the United States, offers a complete suite of complex services to manage our customers’ Web presence. Solutions include applications infrastructure management, applications hosting, e-commerce systems and support, Web hosting solutions, global domain management, streaming media, and content distribution services. Our single source approach empowers our customers’ growth, from start-ups through enterprise clients, in a seamless and cost efficient manner.

Hostcentric is the recipient of many prestigious awards for excellence in hosting services, and is consistently rated in the top ten hosting services by several ratings services.

Hostcentric provides a complete suite of web hosting services, including dedicated and shared web hosting, e-commerce, streaming media services, Oracle hosting, database services, security services, colocation services,

Our partnership with Hostcentric, along with our web site design and email support experience, allows us to provide a complete web site design and hosting solution along with a premiere email solution for our customers.


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Our alliance with ICS enables our customers to produce high quality laser forms around standard report output produced on an IBM iSeries. Examples are standard internal human resources type forms, customer invoices, payroll and accounts payable checks, purchase orders, 1098s, 1099s, and W-2s.  For more information send an email to formsprint@dupreinfo.com


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Optimum Solutions provides Payroll, Human Resources, and Time and Attendance applications which run stand alone or interfaced with your business application running on the IBM iSeries.  Optimum Solutions provides interfaces to many General Ledger applications and the Human Resources application can even be interfaced with your outsourced payroll solution. For more information, send an email to optimum@dupreinfo.com


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For years, ScanSource has been an industry leader in distributing bar code related equipment.  Our agreement with ScanSource allows our sales team to offer technologically advanced bar code solutions from vendors such as SATO, Zebra, Symbol, and Intermec. For more information, send an email to barcode@dupreinfo.com


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Since 1983, T.L. Ashford has been on the cutting edge of bar code software development for the IBM AS/400 and iSeries.  T.L. Ashford's Barcode/400 product works seamlessly with printers such as Datamax and Zebra.  Contact our sales team today to discuss our bar code solutions can meet your specific requirement and business objectives.  For more information, send an email to bc400@dupreinfo.com


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Since 1978, VAI has assisted companies in maintaining competitive advantage by offering leading edge software solutions for the manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries.  Contact our sales team today to setup a demo of System 2000 and how it can achieve your organizational goals and objectives. For more information, send an email to vai@dupreinfo.com


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