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Are you a medical facility that is concerned with the upcoming HIPAA requirements? We can assist you in meeting HIPAA requirements for privacy, security, and accountability.


HIPAA Services

We provide the services you need to conform the the extensive HIPAA regulations including data protection and security, backups and offsite storage of records.






Through its experienced staff, with senior members having over 100 years of progressive IT and Business Process experience, DuPre Information Services is positioned to supplement and enhance your capabilities in the selection, development, and deployment of technologically advanced IT capabilities. We offer change envisioning, project planning and leadership, change management, staff training, and supplemental work efforts bringing our experience and expertise to bear on the project and its enabling technologies.


Our on-going support services may be called upon where needs exist, but where possible, we encourage our clients to become reasonably self-sufficient in the use of deployed information technology systems and capabilities. This knowledge transfer occurs through joint reviews and collaborative activities conducted during the course of the project.


DuPre Information Services offers a Facilities Management Service available under a variety of financial arrangements for clients who prefer to assign that responsibility to an outside service provider. This service is configured to the exact requirements of the client and services are available on a flexible schedule. Experienced DIS staff members provide the services directly, and no such service is provided through a third party.


We provide a one-stop, total-care support package covering the following areas.

          Email Services
          Network Infrastructure
          Internet Access and Security
          e-Business Services

          Business Continuity

          Data backup Services


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