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Our Data Security division provides the data protection you need by providing automatic off-site data backups.


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DuPre Information Services, Inc.

114 Commons Blvd.  Suite B

Piedmont, SC  29673

Toll Free -  866-877-4016

Local -  864-295-4727

Fax -  864-295-4737

e-mail - info@dupreinfo.com






You have a capable Information Technology team, but their focus is toward managing and supporting day-to-day business operational systems.  Because of their in-depth knowledge of those operations and systems they are frequently called upon to assist with problem analysis and resolution, minor process changes and improvements, and the general care and management of legacy systems.  Therefore they are unavailable to launch and manage major new projects that may require uninterrupted efforts over substantial time periods and involve the deployment of new Information Technology.


Through its experienced staff, with senior members having over 100 years of progressive IT and Business Process experience, DuPre Information Services is positioned to supplement and enhance the capabilities of your in-house team in the selection, development and deployment of technologically advanced IT capabilities.  We offer change envisioning, project planning and leadership, change management, staff training, and supplemental work efforts bringing our experience and expertise to bear on the project and its enabling technologies.


Our on-going support services may be called upon where needs exist, but for larger businesses our expectation is that they will become self sufficient in the use, management and maintenance of deployed information technology systems and capabilities by virtue of training and collaborative activities conducted jointly during the course of the project.


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           IT Strategic Planning

          Project Management

          Business Applications

          Disaster and Contingency Management

          LAN/WAN Design and Implementation

          Internet Access and Security

          Wireless Networking

          Web Site Development and Hosting








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